Hydraulic Power Units

Electric Hydraulic Mining Power Supply type ZHG-03-140/88


  • Power supply of units  manufactured by HYDRO‑ELEKTRA. 
  • Local power supply of oil forced hydraulics systems (cylinders, hand tools with hydraulic drive etc.).
  • Power supply of oil driving system for any mining machine by hydraulic oil up to 140 bar pressure
    at output up to 88 dm3/min,

Other information:

  • possibility to produce the device with higher pressure and output parameters
  • possibility of continuous operation under full load
  • conformity with Directive 2006/42/WE (Machine Directive - MD) and with Directive ATEX 114 (2014/34/UE),
  • product adequate to operate in underground mining conditions, at risk of methane and coal dust explosion (grade „a”, „b” or „c” of methane explosion hazard and class „A” or „B” of coal dust explosion hazard).
  • product has CE labelling and explosion-proof characteristics: Ex  I M2 c
  • continuously adjustable rotation speed of radiator fan.

Technical data:

Name Mining Hydraulic Power Supply
Type ZHG-03-140/88
Working pressure 140 bar (14,0 MPa)
Output 88 dm3/min
Voltage 500 lub 1000V lub 500/1000V
Drive type electric
Drive wattage 22 kW
Nominal engine speed 1500 rpm
Horizontal plane deviation longitudinal and transversal +/-10º
Working medium cooling by air-cooled radiator
Explosion-proof mark Ex I M2 c
Weight with oil cca. 720 kg (incl. optional switch)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2080 x 733 (846) x 828 mm

Other technical and power  parameters available according customer's need.

Electric Hydraulic Mining Power Supply  type ZHG-03-140/88