Emulsion Pump Units

Emulsion pump unit type ZPE KD7**


The machine is designed and intended to perform fatigue tests of  powered roof supports actuators or other objects.


  • the possibility of continuous operation under full load.
  • the ability to remotely control the machine and forward hydraulic parameters (pressure, outflow)
  • the unit is  dedicated to run on water parameters of drinking water (pH 7-9),
  • the possibility of using oil-in-water emulsions HFA / HFA.
  • compliance with Directive 2006/42 / EC (Machinery Directive - MD)
  • product bears the CE marking,
  • can be made as explosion-proof unit
  • it is possible to add a cooling device for operating medium.

Technical data:

Name Emulsion Pump Unit
Type ZPE KD 708-GK C1 D22
Continuous work workind pressure  up to 2800 bar (28 MPa)
Output depends on the type of the pump
Power limit on the shaft up to 270 kW
Drive electric  (or diesel on demand)
Horizontal deflection longitudinal and transversal +/-5o
Working medium water (with parameters of drinking water: pH 7-9) or oil-in-water emulsion HFA/HFAE type  
Max.  medium temperature up to 45ºC
Power voltage 400, 500, 660, 1000, 1140 VAC
Accuracy of filtration <100 µm
Weight cca. 950 kg
Dimension (L x W x H)  1780 x 1090 x 900 mm

We can also offer other pump systems with higher parameters based  on models KD 719, 724 and 725.

Emulsion pump unit type ZPE KD7** Emulsion pump unit type ZPE KD7**