Overhaulings of underground building equipment

Hydro Elektra offers overhaulings of underground building equipment.

We are able to service:

  • pumps and pump units
  • acutators and its parts
  • hydraulic power supply
  • mixing and injection units

Our offer is addressed to all  who want to rely on existing equipment and minimize the costs of investment purchases needed to renovate the units, so it can work seamlessly and flawlessly for a long time.

We do not make a diagnosis by telephone or email  based on sent images - we make reliable valuation only after the inspection  of supplied  equipment.

We provide qualified and skilled staff with professional knowlege based on many years of experience in  Hydro Electra, espescialy in activities provided either on site or at the customer's place.

We do not offer "the lowest prices", but such ones  which can provide service at the appropriate, professional  technical level and allow to avoid potential complaints.

Our motto is  "we can solve your problems" to make you satisfy with the proposed solutions.

Hydro Elektra means.:

  •         qualified and experienced staff
  •         expert consulting and training in the operation, maintenance and current repairs
  •         professional service workshop and diagnostic equipment.
  •         the supply of original spare parts and supplies
  •         full after sales service - warranty and post-warranty.


To find out more about our offer or find more detailed technical data of our products, please contact our office by phone or please use CONTACT  link .


Overhaulings of underground building equipment Overhaulings of underground building equipment Overhaulings of underground building equipment