Flushing Water Pump Units

Water Pumping System type ZPPW KD7**-G ** D**


  • supplying the drilling installation with pressure water to wash the drilled hole from the rock residues and to cool the operational tool,
  • supplying the fresh pressure water to make the hydrostatic tests, e.g. during the drilling after the pipe casing (tightness tests).


  • compliance with the 2006/42/WE Directive (Machine Directive -MD) and with Directive ATEX 114 (2014/34/UE),
  • product is adopted to the operation in the black coal mines where the danger of the methane and coal dust explosion exist ("a", "b" or "c" degree of the methane explosion danger and "A" or "B" class of the coal dust explosion).
  • product is marked with CE mark and explosion proof casing according to ATEX:  Ex I M2 c

Technical data:

Name                                                                               Washing/Cementing Pump System
Type ZPPC KD 716-G A1 D**
Working pressure up to 200 bar (20,0 MPa)1
Max. capacity up to 261 dm3/min
Engine power up to 110 kW
Drive electric
Horizontal deflection, longitudinal and transversal +/-10o
Cooling convectional, using the air from the  excavation
Explosion-proof mark Ex I M2 c
Weight 1260 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2260 x 893 x 1050 mm
Examples of the pump operational parameters
provided for the above mentioned application
Pwork=200 bar, Qwork=123 dm3/min

1 depending on the plunge diameter and the power on the synchronic engine shaft

2 depending on the plunge diameter and gear ratio

Water Pumping System type ZPPW KD7**-G ** D** Water Pumping System type ZPPW KD7**-G ** D**